Dr Demetrios Th. Vassiliades (Dimitrios Vassiliadis) was born in the North Aegean island of Thassos (Greece) and got his first degree in Organization and Administration from the Economic University of Athens (ASOEE). After his graduation he traveled extensively in India and dedicated two decades to the study of the Indian languages, philosophies and culture. He studied with the scholarships of the Greek Ministry of Education and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations at the Banaras Hindu University where he was awarded first class diplomas in Hindi and Sanskrit, a gold medal distinction for his M.A. in Indian Philosophy and Religion, and a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy and Religion for his dissertation, “A Critical and Comparative Study of the Presocratic Greek and Ancient Indian Philosophies.” He has been a Post Doctoral Fellow of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Research Associate in the Department of Hindi at the Banaras Hindu University. 

Demetrios Vassiliades is a Founding Member and President of the Indo-Hellenic Society for Culture and Development in Athens and a Founding Member of the Indo-Hellenic Friendship League in New Delhi. He has participated in international seminars, delivered lectures in Indian and European Universities, authored books and contributed research papers and articles in Greece, India, Spain, Japan and South Korea.

He is the editor of the Indika Online, an intercultural forum for the advancement of the Indological studies in Greece. He teaches Hindi and Sanskrit at the School of Foreign Languages, University of Athens and Indian Philosophy and Culture at the ELINEPA. He has been a Chairperson in the sections “Indian Philosophy” and “Philosophical Traditions in Asia & the Pacific” at the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy-Athens 2013. In 2014 he was nominated as a partner of the Portuguese Academy of Cultural and Artistic Heritage (Academia Lusófona do Património Cultural e Artístico). In 2016 he founded the Athens Center for Indian and Indo-Hellenic Studies which he heads.


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