Editorial Material, Introduction, Translation and Notes by

Demetrios Τh. Vassiliades


ISBN: 960-87774-0-2

First Edition, Athens: 2011

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«You should become the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi was a great visionary and a leading figure in the struggle for the independence of India. His absolute dedication to the ideals of human dignity, peace, intercultural unity and secularism has led him to be recognized as the Father of Modern India.

At the same time he is universally recognised as one of the biggest personalities of the 20th century  for his uninterrupted struggle to approach, embrace and finally substantiate those ecumenical and eternal values of   Truth, non-violence, self-respect and liberty that give meaning and glory to the otherwise insignificant and transitory nature of human life.

The present publication is an anthology of Gandhi’s writings which have been translated for first time into Greek. The selection has been done to highlight his philosophical and moral values as well as his beliefs about democracy, education, economy, international relations and intercultural understanding that mirror important topics relevant to our times as well.

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