10th International Festival of Culture and Handicrafts

The EL.IN.E.P.A. paricipated for first time with its own kiosk on 10 June in the International Festival of Culture and Handicrafts that is organized every year by the Friends of the World Association and the Municipality of Penteli. Organizer of the Indian kiosk was the well known Businessman from Varanasi, Santosh Kumar Jaiswal, who lives for the last seven years in Greece. His rich collection of silk cloths and handicrafts gave the opportunity to hundreds of people to admire the hand made products of India. EL.IN.E.P.A. also exhibited its own publications.

During the Festival was screened the documentary “Timeless India” which was damped with Greek voice by the Society. The whole program was enriched further with Indian music and dance provided by the Greek Indian Cultural Association of Mr. Magar Gandhi.