1st Pan-European screening of the film Shanghai – The Indian Z of Vassilis Vassilikos

A cultural tour to India on the occasion of the premiere of Shanghai (2012), a movie which is based on the book “Z” of Vassilis Vassilikos.

Date: Saturday 25 April 2015.

Venue: Dudu Loft Artistic Space, Kolonou 12-14, Metaxourgio, Athens.


18.30-20.00 hrs. Arrival time (welcome, Greek and Indian music, introduction to the movie)

20.00-22.00 hrs. Film screening

22.00 pm – A magical journey to India: music and dance program

Admission Free

As part of the promotion of common references that unite two of the oldest living cultures, the Greek and the Indian, the aim of the event is to promote  the intercultural dialogue through a festival of colors, images, tastes, dance and music.

The film will be introduced by the intellectual creator of the project, Vassilis Vassilikos and representatives of the film production.