The organisers of 21st World Congress on Dance Research were Dora Stratou dance theatre, Greek section 10FA and International Dance Council CID. The congress was held in Athens from 5-9 September, 2007 nearly 300 participants assembled here from different parts of the world

The congress was officially opened at 8p.m. and the honourable guests were Mrs.  Marietta Gianakou, Minister of Education, Mr. Nikitas Kaklamanis, Mayor of Athens; president of the Greek national commission for UNESCO, Mr. Alkis Raftis, chairperson of the congress. The speakers stressed on the need and utility of the congress so as to promote dance as a powerful media for spiritual development.

On that day Mr. Ronald A. Taylor of Canada, Ms. Kamala Varadan of India, Ms. Maria Polyzou of Greece, Mr. Noris Ugueto of Venezuela performed their dance recitals.

Introducing research reports, lecture demonstration, classes and performances were the essential parts of the congress.

Research reports were places in the Panteion University. Mr. Alexander Rusanovs (Russia) dreams as dancers, Mr. George Voutoss (Greece) dance and theatre traditions, Ms. Maria Karapanagiotis (Greece) introduction to the surrealism of dance, Ms. Kamini Rangaradjous (France) the components of Bharatnatyam. Ms. Sarada Srinivasans (India) cosmic dance of Siva, Mr. Joseph desire- Mefires (Cameroon) dance and divinity in Cameroon were very attractive.

Mr. Ali Aksuit (Turkey), Mr.  Satyanarayan (India), Mr. Norah Sueldo (Argentina), Mr. Mudit  Grav (Spain), Ms. Tanya Kastova (USA), Ms. Kalliopi Varaoudaki (Greece), Ms. Alice Mukada (Rwanda), Ms. Florida Loureiro (Portugal) took part in lecture demonstration which was held in Athenians association building, Plaka.

In the Gymnasium, Plaka classes on different subjects such as tango technique, ancient Greek dance, classical dance and technique, Cypriot dances, choreographic possibilities, meditative dances were held and attended by Mr. Carlos Veitia, Ms. Giri Bharathideviji, Ms. Maria Rosania etc.

Spectators had the rare opportunity to view different types of dances in the congress. Ms. Anna Cirigliano of Italy’s Voce e Corpo,

Ms. Sarada Srinivasan of India’s dance of the peacock. Ms. Lzabela Chlewinska of Poland’s the Fragment. Ms. Elham Eghbau of Germany’s Bossadari-folk dance of Southern Iran, Ms. Ephi Karakosta of Greece’s Sevillanas, were very enchanting.

The final session was held on 09.09 at Dora Stratou office building where certificates of participation were distributed.

Cover Photo: Ms Keka Majumdar and Dr. A.V. Satyanarayana in the Dora Stratou dance theatre.