46th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions Online

April 23, 13.45 hrs to April 25, 2021, 19.45 hrs (Greek time)

The 46th Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions will be held online from April 23-25, 2021. Full program available here: https://spaldingsymposium.org

Free participation with Registration

The Spalding Memorial Educational Trust

Mr and Mrs Spalding founded the Trust in the early twentieth century when the study of different religions was neither well-established nor fashionable, and the Trust has recently been re-established on a modern legal basis to continue this work.

So today, the Trust continues to award grants for the study of recognized religious traditions of the world. Its objects are focused on the promotion of ethical, philosophical and religious education, as far as possible throughout the world, through the support of inter-religious study to promote mutual understanding and respect.

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