Tribute to Satyajit Ray in the Greek Film Archive Foundation

The Greek Film Archive Foundation, the Thessaloniki Film Library and the Thessaloniki Film Festival present a tribute to Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

As part of the tribute, entitled “Passage to India through the eyes of Satyajit Ray”, 9 of his fiction films will be screened in Athens and Thessaloniki on February 16-20, 2023. The films will be played in restored copies, with Greek and English subtitles.

Screenings at the Greek Film Archive Foundation are prefaced by film critics, journalists and directors.


• Thursday 16/2
20:00 | The Big City (Mahanagar) (129′)
Foreword by film critic Yiannis Kantea-Papadopoulos

• Friday 17/2
19:00 | The Lonely Wife (Charulata) (117′)
Foreword by film critic Dimitris Bouras
21:30 | Pather Panchali – The Song of the Road (126′)
Foreword by the artistic director of the Olympia Film Festival for Children and Youth Dimitris Spyrou

• Saturday 18/2
19:00 | The Holy Man (Mahapurush) (65′)
21:00 | Aparajito – The Invincible (110′)
Foreword by film critic Akis Kapranos

• Sunday 19/2
19:00 | The Coward (Kapurush) (74′)
21:00 | Apu Sansar – The World of Apu (106′)
Foreword by director Katerina Patroni

• Monday 20/2
19:00 | The Hero (Nayak) (117′)
Foreword by journalist Vena Georgakopoulou
21:30 | The Elephant God (Joi Baba Felunath) (112′)
Foreword by journalist Christos Paridis