Anthony C. Papadopoulos LLB. LLM. was born in the family of a renowned judge in Athens. He studied Law in the Universities of Athens and Paris II with specialisation in the Commercial Law of the European Union. After the completion of his studies, he returned to Greece and started his own office in Athens where he works as an Attorney at Law at the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos).

Mr. Papadopoulos has been a friend and traveller to India and he is a founding member and the General Secretary of the ELINEPA. He has initiated the lawnet project that aims to bring in collaboration European and South Asian lawyers in order to provide legal services to their clients in various fields and in the best possible way. 

Despite of his busy schedule, Mr.  Papadopoulos finds always time for the study and the teaching of the Indian and the Oriental Cultures that have attracted his interest since his very young age. Naturally, his Office has become a meeting place for all the friends of India and South Asia. In a department of his Office is hosted the central office of the ELINEPA.

Articles by Antony Papadopoulos:

1. “Τι είναι και τι δεν είναι η Γιόγκα,” ΙΝDΙΚΑ,  2004.

2.”Iσχύουσα Νομοθεσία περί Αλλοδαπών Βασικά Σημεία – Καινοτομίες.” ΙΝDΙΚΑ, 2006.

3. “Ο Γκάντι ως Μαχόμενος Δικηγόρος” ΙΝDΙΚΑ 2014.

4. “Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel” ΙΝDΙΚΑ 2017.

Contact Address:

Antony C. Papadopoulos LLB. LLM.
Law Office
64 Zoodochou Piges Str.
Athens 10681. Greece
Tel.: +30-210-3806964. Fax: +30-210-3846757