President Vice-President
Dr. Dimitrios Th. Vassiliadis 


Varanasi – Athens.

Dr. Helen Abadzi 

World Bank

Washington D.C. – Thessaloniki.

General Secretary Treasurer
Antony Ch. Papadopoulos LLB. LLM.

Attorny at the Supreme Court, Athens.

Christina Prokou

Senior Bank Officer, Athens.

 Members – Advisors
Dr. Nikolas Vernikos, Prof. Anthropology, Aegian University.

Dione Markou Dodis, Lecturer & Writter, Athens.

Giorgos Glinos, Founder of the Sangeet Organization and Physician, Athens.


Editorial Committee

Dr. Andreas Katonis, Prof. Linguistics, Aristotelian University of Salonica. 
Dr. Giorgos Halkias, Prof. Religions, Hong Kong University.


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