Duration  50 minutes, digital Beta.
Athens – Varanasi 2001

From Foreigner to Foreigner:
Demetrios Galanos-Benares

Director: Yannis Tritsibidas 

Research: Dιmιtrios Vassiliadιs 

A documentary film about a significant Greek scholar of the 18th century (1760 – 1833) who loved India deeply, spent his life and died in Benares, Shiva’s holy town on the Ganges River, where the film was shot.

The film refers also to the main ideas of Hinduism through the happenings in Benares, specialists’ interviews and Galanos’ translations of important Sanskrit texts.

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Watch the whole documentary “From Foreigner to Foreigner: Dimitrios Galanos-Benares” by Yannis Tritsibidas (in Greek)