Dozens of runners from India participate in Athens Authentic Marathon


Thousands of people from all over the world, including dozens of runners from Hyderabad and other parts of India, have gathered in Athens to run the Authentic Athens Marathon on November,  12, 2017.

“The Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, is not just a sporting event, a hard race, a tough course of 42,195m. More than that, the Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, is a bridge that unifies the legend with history; it showcases the strength of human will; it is a fountain of values, of social liability, environmental sensitivity, friendship and solidarity.” says Kostas Panagopoulos, SEGAS President

Extraordinary individual will-power meets a collective drive and heart-warming camaraderie in an event whose values have remained untarnished since the doughty Pheidippides set out on his legendary run 2,500 years ago, intent on informing the Athenians of a great victory, regardless of his own personal cost.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the celebration of the 36th anniversary of the Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon in November 2018.

Photo: Hyderabad Runners Club