ELINEPA’s Academic Affiliation with the Indian Society for Greek and Roman Studies

The President of the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA), Dr. Demetrios Vassiliades visited the first week of October 2005 the headquarters of the Indian Society for Greek and Roman Studies (ISGARS) at MJP Rohilkhad University in Bareilly and had discussions with the General Secretary Prof. U.P. Arora, and other members of the Indian Society regarding the co-operation of the two associations for the advancement of the Indian studies in Greece and the Greek Studies in India. These discussions were highly useful for the preparation of the teaching of the Hindi language  in Athens University by Dr. D. Vassiliades and the teaching of Greek Culture at the Jawaharlal Nehru University  by Prof. U.P. Arora next year. 

An understanding has been reached between the ELINEPA and ISGARS to establish an academic affiliation between the two bodies for the benefit of mutual academic interests in the field of History, Culture and related subjects.

It has been decided that by way of mutual cooperation, the ELINEPA and ISGARS shall promote interaction between scholars from India and Greece for the furtherance of Greek Studies in India and Indian Studies in Greece.

In consequence of the above understanding the ELINEPA shall promote­:

1. The publications of the ISGARS including its journal “Yavanika” and the ISGARS shall promote ELINEPA publications particularly its dictionary “Hindi-Greek and Greek-Hindi”.

2. The ELINEPA shall provide space to the ISGARS publications. news and activities in the ELINEPA’s website.

3. The ELINEPA and ISGARS shall undertake joint projects in Indo-Hellenic Studies, for example, the preparations of Greek editions of research articles, monographs published in India and vice-versa. The translation work shall be for mutual benefit of scholars of the two sides.

4. The ELINEPA and ISGARS shall do all other efforts conclusive for the furtherance of the above Memorandum of Association and its objectives.

The Memorandum of Association was signed by Dr. D. Vassiliades, President of ELINEPA and Prof. U.P. Arora, General Secretary of ISGARS on the 8th October 2005 and published in the local press.

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