ELINEPA’s Cultural Programmes with the Society “Friendship of Nations”

EL.IN.E.P.A.’s musical team constituted from Kostas Kalaitzis (Song), Lefteris Mitropoulos (Tampla), Anil Kumar (Tabla), Vassilis Divanis (Tabla), Giorgos Mitsikaris (Flute) and Klara (Tampoura) performed songs and music from India in the international festival “New Year’s Eves around the World” that was organised by the Society Friendship of Nations and the Student Club of Economic University Athens at the Economic University Athens on 15th January 2006.

For the first time  the amateur artistic team of Bangladesh participated also in the Festival as well as musical groups from Venezuela, Bulgaria, Georgia, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Cuba, Colombia, Norway, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Philippines and Greece. Representatives of various states spoke about their New Year’s eve customs and presented sweets and advertising material from their countries. Demetrios Vassiliades spoke about the Indian Calendars and Antonis Papadopoulos about the New Year’s table in Bangladesh. ELINEPA projected also a documentary on the classical Indian dance Kathak.

The ELINEPA and the Society Friendship of Nations co-organised on 30 January a common dinner with Indian flavours in a known restaurant of Athens. To  the dinner were photo-news-elinepafestival2 eninvited H.E. the Ambassador of India, Dr Bhaskar Balakrishnan,with his spouse and Indian diplomats, who work in our country as well as the Chairman of the School of Foreigner Languages of the University of Athens Mr. Antonios Danassis Afentakis, the Chairman ofthe Society Friendship of Nations, Mrs. Evagelike  Leontaridou, professors, students of the Hindi class and hundreds of members of the two associations. The wines were offered by Mr Yannis Labrou, producer of the excellent wine of Lesvos “Methymnaios”, who expressed also the wish to promote the export of his wines in India.