Demetrios Vassiliades


Greek Ambassador Megasthenes presents credentials to Chandragupta Maurya, who seats with Helena, the daughter of Seleukus Nikator, and the philosopher and royal advisor Chanakya in his court in Pataliputra (modern-day Patna)

Megasthenes (Μεγασθένης, ca. 350 – 290 BCE) was the first foreign Ambassador to India and recorded his ethnographic observations in a volume known as INDIKA. For his pioneering work he is regarded as the Father of Indian History.

The term “Indika” (Greek Ινδικά) was used in ancient Greece to mean various India-related things, including the historical and ethnographic accounts of Ctesias, Megasthenes, Arrian and others.

The Indo-Hellenic Society for Culture and Development following the ancient tradition has chosen this title for its online forums that aim to the advancement of the Indian Studies in the Hellenic world.

Download an english translation of Megasthenes’ Indika HERE