Nous Thalassinos

ISBN: 978-618-82624-3-0

First Edition: 2019
Size: A5, pages: 84
Language: Greek
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The poetic writing of this book is the coalescence of many forms of creativity. Dance, painting, observation, meditation, and philosophical contemplation end up to the writing as aspects of the Self. Ioanna Tabaxi, with the ordering of her poems, wants to harmonize these aspects of creativity into a poetic body that is also a walkthrough open to multiple readings. I mentioned contemplation and meditation. Sources of writing of the essential, a writing that sometimes seeks to imply and sometimes to formulate the essence that governs the appearances. Poetic writing, I would say, cognitive, that tends beyond the direct experience: where the experience of another knowledge – secret maybe? – finds the words that will make us her partakers.

I am the strand of the century.
Blissful in chaos.

One can hear in the stochastic voice of the poems the echo of the Vedas and the sutras of the Indian philosophical texts. However, above all, the reader finds the distillation of the most intimate personal experience that tends to the impersonal and the timeless.

Nature. Every part includes us and we include them. And we have no other nature.

As I read these poems they talk to me each time in a different way. Their synthesis in the unity of the book leads the thinking to new paths like the ones when we discover new perspectives in a landscape where we have just entered and we constantly watch in amazement while we step inside it.

Pavlatos Nikos

Ioanna Tampaxi

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