Some forgotten Indians speak of the Great War

3rd year students of Evosmos 2nd High School, Thessaloniki


The young students of the 2nd high school of Evosmos pleasantly surprised us by adding another chapter to Thessaloniki’s history and especially to that of the First World War where the capital of Macedonia played a leading role.

Within the History course under the guidance of their teachers A. Diamantopoulou and D. Gaitanidis the students visited the Indian Cemetery of the First World War in Dendropotamos Thessaloniki, 10′ bus ride from their school. Surprised by the very fact of its existence, they decided to search and find out more about the life and the role of the Indian soldiers buried there.

Thus, they began collecting historical documents and photographs from the local and British archives which initially they presented in a photo exhibition and then shared them on the school website and on other websites with a series of slides entitled “Some forgotten Indians speak of the Great War”.

With this work, the students of Evosmos 2nd Gymnasium will participate at the conference organized on Thursday, February 2, 2017, in the Region of Central Macedonia entitled “Thessaloniki in World War II.”

The work of the young students of Thessaloniki once again brings into light the history of  Indian soldiers who fought alongside the allied forces in the First World War and were buried in the cemeteries of the British Commonwealth in Thessaloniki and Athens (Paleo Faliro).

ELINEPA believes that this piece of modern Greek-Indian history will contribute to the further strengthening of Greek-Indian relations. We therefore republish the students’ research material which can be seen in slides HERE or can be downloaded in pdf  HERE.

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