Efrosini Vizovitou is Thessaloniki based and has expressed herself in various fields throughout the years. At first, she gets her degree in English and American Literature at Aristotle University and indulges in several languages learning. She occupies herself with theatre studies in local workshops for three years and she is also a cinema and photography lover. Her extensive traveling in Europe, USA and India has helped her come in touch with worldwide art and artists.  She takes drawing classes in workshop PRAXIS and she has done many solo shows and participated in group shows. In the last four years, she has been an active member of SKETBE (Art Association of Northern Greece) and Mail Art Union.

In recent years she occupies herself with Indian dances like Kathakali (south India dance), Kathak and Bollywood. In India, she takes classes in Odissi (classical dance from Orissa) at Triveni Kala Sangam Delhi and classes in Hindi language. Being a great admirer and scholar of Indian culture she becomes a Ηindi teacher.

She has translated the poetic diary of the Indian poet and painter Sangeeta Gupta, which is published in 2017 by ELINEPA in a volume entitled “Weaves of Time.

Ms. Vizovitou’s Aticles in INDIKA


e-mail her: [email protected]