by Demetrios Galanos (1760-1833)

A collection of three Sanskrit texts that were first translated into the Greek language by the Pioneer  Indologist Demetrios Galanos the Athenian.

The volume, published under the title Ινδικών Μεταφράσεων Πρόδρομος  (The Forerunner of the Indian Translations, Athens, 1845, ed. G. Typaldos and G. Apostolides, pp. xlviii + 155), contains Galanos’ short biography together with three hundred and thirty translated verses from Bhartṛhari’s lyric poems Nīti-ataka and Vairāgya-ataka, eighty-six verses from Laghu-Cāṇakya and ninety-eight eroto-didactic verses from the first part of Jagannātha Paṇḍitarāja’s Bhāminī-Vilāsa.

The book was published in Athens in 1845 under the custody of the Commissioner of the Public and University Library George N. Tipaldou and the librarian Georgios Apostolidis at the expense of the ‘lover of Muses’ (öéëïìïýó¤), Ioanni Douma.

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