Dr. Giorgos Halkias was born in Athens and studied Comparative Religion in the University of Hawai. Afterwards he studied Cinema and communications in the University of Amsterdam. After four years research in the Himalayas he completed his Ph.D. in Thibetan studies on the theme:“Transferring to the Land of Bliss: Among Sukhāvati Texts and Practices in Tibet”  in the Department of Tibetan Studies at the Oriental Institute of Oxford University.


Dr. Halkias is a founding member of ELINEPA and member of its editorial committee. He has pubished the following articles in INDIKA:


The 2004 Parliament of World Religions -Report, ΙΝΔΙΚΑ, 2004.

Forgetting and Remembering Peace: the 1904 Younghusband’s Expedition to Tibet,” ΙΝΔΙΚΑ 2004.

An Overview of Health Care According to the Tibetan Medical Tradition,” ΙΝΔΙΚΑ, 2005.

The 2005 SSEASR Regional Conference – Report, ΙΝΔΙΚΑ, 2005.

The 19th IAHR International Conference – Report, ΙΝΔΙΚΑ, 2005.

Breath Awareness in World’s Religious Traditions,” ΙΝΔΙΚΑ, 2006.


Visiting Assistant Professor, Centre of Buddhist Studies, University of Hong Kong, September 2012 to January 2013.
Visiting Associate Researcher, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, January 2007 to present.

A detailed resume of his works in Graeco-Budddhist and other studies is given HERE.