Hindustani and Carnatic music concerts in Cyprus

On the occasion of 70th Republic Day of India, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) sponsored a 6 member Hindustani Instrumental group Tarang led by Smt Saraswati Rajagopalan to Cyprus from 25-30 January 2019 to give two performances at Nicosia and Limassol.

On Sunday, 27th of January 2019, 4:00 pm

At Laniteio Lyceum A Theatre
Archbishop Makarios Avenenue, Limassol, (free entrance)

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm

AT The Shoe Factory By Pharos Arts Foundation (304 Ermou street), Nicosia, Cyprus

Hosted by the High Commission of India, Nicosia

Tarang is a Fusion which represents the confluence of different streams of Music. This Ensemble brings out the various converging aspects of Indian Music harmonizing with the Western while retaining their individual elegance, grace, and tradition.

The finer aspects are embellished aesthetically by blending the technical intricacies of the different instruments that enrich the Music. This Fusion with an aesthetic blending of Tones and timber of different instruments produces an impressive and harmonious Music.

The range of instruments in Tarang will be Veena, Flute, Keyboard, Tabla, Ghatam, Kanjira, Morsing, Kunnakol and Rhythm Pad. Considering the range of Instruments, its depth and the melodic and harmonious aspects of Music, Tarang will be a Unique experience.

There are several genres of music that coexist but they have the power to diffuse through boundaries to interact and harmonize with the variety of other genres as well as a spectrum of instruments. Each brings to this ensemble its beauty and also magnify the unison and harmony.

This musical ensemble with various themes and Folk tunes will be for around 90 minutes consisting of :
RECOLLECTIONS – A soulful composition based on Rag Jog which conveys a variety of moods. The word Jog itself means UNION and portrays a confluence or union of emotions through the confluence of instruments, melody, and rhythm.
RHYTHM OF LIFE –Explores the various moods that rhythms can transcend. The composition paces through a series of Percussion and Melodic exchanges highlighting the individual spirit of each instrument before they converge to the universal Rhythm of life.
MIRTH – Mirth or joy and gaiety of laughter depicts the dance of sound through a series of rhythmic cadences. Structured in the pentatonic scale that some Blues enthusiasts may be familiar with Mirth also explores how a subtle change in a note in the musical scale transforms the entire mood and tenor of the composition.
Folk Tunes – Depicting the Unity in Diversity of our Culture brought in by the Fusion of different regions with their various hues and colors to depict the national and patriotic flavor. Some glimpses of their performance and workshop.

Some glimpses of their performance and workshop. (Photos ICCR)