Release of ICHOR’s musical album

«Music replaces the lost magical sense of the world.
It is the last effort to ecstasy and operates as a ritual, purification
.» Dimitris Roumeliotis

The musical band ICHOR presents its first musical album, “Dimitris Roumeliotis – ICHOR» on Saturday, April 8, 2017, at 21:00-23:00 hrs at Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery (39 Κallirois str., Athens, tel. 21 1403 9926) with free entrance.

The musical album includes six instrumental compositions by Dimitris Roumeliotis, poetry by Nikiforos Vrettakos and lyrics by Dimitris Roumeliotis, in a rare combination of Indian and European music.

ICHOR, the band founded by Dimitris Roumeliotis in the summer of 1999, means the “blood” of the ancient gods, the life-giving power. And in the words of its creator “Indian music, ancient and enriched by the tunes of so many great composers and musicians, is like the ‘ichor’ of world music”.

In the musical album of ICHOR, except Dimitris Roumeliotis in sitar are playing the musicians: Satnam Ghai – tabla, Orestes Zafiropoulos – cello, Leonardo Zada – ghatam, Danae Roumeliotis – violin, and Lydia Roumeliotis – kanonaki.


Before the release of the musical album, Dimitris Roumeliotis, who studied sitar in Varanasi with Rabindra Goswami, gave an interview about his work and the Indian music to Spyros Hitiris for the ERT Corfu, which you can hear HERE.