In the colors of Bangladesh, the fountain of Omonoia square in Athens (Video)

The Municipality of Athens comemorated the Victory Day of Bangladesh by lighting the fountain in Omonia Square, the main traffic hub of Athens, with the colors of the national flag of Bangladesh, green and red. This is an act of solidarity towards the long-suffering country for the countless sacrifices of its citizens during the war of independence.

Victory Day (Bengali: বিজ্য দিবি Bijôy Dibôsh) is a national holiday in Bangladesh celebrated every year on 16 December to commemorate the victory of the allied forces of Bangladesh and India against the armed forces of Pakistan in the 1971 Liberation War. This victory led to the final secession of East Pakistan from Pakistan and the creation of the independent state of Bangladesh.

Greece was one of the first countries to recognize the new state of Bangladesh.

Aerial view of Omonia Square fountain illuminated with colors of the national flag of Bangladesh