“India and Greece are natural allies,” says the Greek Ambassador to India Dimitrios Ioannou

On the occasion of the upcoming National Day of Greece on 25th March 2023, the Ambassador of Greece in India Mr Dimitrios Ioannou gave an exclusive interview on Greece – India relations to journalist Sidhant Sibal, a diplomatic correspondent of WION, an Indian news network that presents global stories with an Indian perspective.

In his interview, the Greek Ambassador expressed his strong belief in the natural alliance between India and Greece, citing the long historical relations and many commonalities shared by the two countries. He stressed the importance of increasing trade and cooperation in various sectors, especially in tourism. He pointed out that Greece unhesitatingly supports India’s position as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and thanked India for supporting the UN resolutions for the peaceful resolution of the Cyprus issue.

Ambassador Ioannou also referred to the historical and geographical ties between the Indo-Pacific region and the Mediterranean, with Greece acting as a gateway to Europe through the Eastern Mediterranean. He expressed his support for the India-EU Free Trade Agreement and India’s G20 Presidency, noting that it provided a strong voice for developing countries and South Asia.

Listen to the full interview: