Alexander the Great brings Indian tourists to Kavala

Dimitris Bountas

(Partial translation of the article published in the newspaper of Kavala “Chronometer”)

Due to an agreement signed by the Public Benefit Corporation “DIMOFELEIA” with a major Indian travel company.

Under the agreement signed between the Kavala Municipal Public Benefit Corporation  “DIMOFELEIA” and an Indian travel company, the latter becomes an exclusive representative of Kavala in the huge tourist market of India.

The above agreement concerns not only tourism of India and its neighboring countries, but also the tourist market of the United Arab Emirates, as the tourist company represents the airline of the United Arab Emirates in India. It is worth mentioning that last year the city of Kavala participated in the International tourism exhibition in India and its moto  “Journey to the land of Alexander the Great” fascinated the Indians.

The cooperation covers a wide range of tourist products, as besides organizing classic individual or group tour packages, the Indian agent specializes in arranging Indian weddings and Bollywood film productions.

The Indian tourist company estimates to make 100 tourist packages initially annually, while the next step is to find a tour operator in Kavala, who will implement of this agreement in the Macedonian city.

“DIMOFELEIA” was launched in India last year with the participation of the municipal enterprise in India’s largest tourism exhibition, the OTM, which took place in Mumbai, and where the city of Kavala won the best new tourist destination award.