Give your Suggestions and Proposals to the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

The Indiatourism Milan is requesting all interesting bodies to submit their proposals  for promotional activit​ies, ​fairs, exhibitions, festivals, publications etc, wherein it could take part to showcase adequately the aspects of India with the scope to promote the destination and convince ​Greek tourists to select India for their holidays.

​In view of the above, we would be grateful if you could send your comments, inputs and suggestions​ which  you feel  can give a boost to tourism from  ​Greece​ to India.

 The Annual Action Plan ​will be submitted to the Indian Ministry of Tourism for assessment​ and after receipt of formal approval from the Ministry, the Plan will be implemented by the Indiatourism Milan.

 ​It will be highly appreciated if you can kindly send your inputs/comments latest by 5th January 2017​.

 For further inquires please contact ELINEPA at 6977874652 or send an e-mail to