“Indus Streams & Delphi Hills” painting exhibition by Dr Rekha K. Rana in Mumbai

Do not miss if you are around Mumbai.

You are cordially invited to attend the solo show of paintings

by distinguished freelance artist Dr Rekha K. Rana

“Indus Streams & Delphi Hills”

from 29th May to 4th June 2018

at Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai

Inauguration:  Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 5.30 p.m.


*Anil K Misra, Noted Poet and Comissioner of Income Tax, Gov. Of India

* Bharat Patel, Film maker, Producer, Bollywood

* Ravi Mandlik, Noted Painter

* John Doughlous, Noted Painter

* Prem Shukla, Social worker and Politician

* Feroz Ashraf, Noted Writer

* Manmohan Saral, noted veteran Writer

* Yusuf Gori, famous calligraphy artist

* Philip Demalo, Noted Painter

And many fashion designers, Painters, sculptors and young artists

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Dr Rekha K. Rana studied painting at the School of Performing Arts of the Benares Hindu University and is an admirer of ancient and modern Greek civilization. We had an opportunity to meet with her in New Delhi during the international conference on Demetrios Galanos organized by IGNCA in February 2018. There, she expressed her long-lasting wish to dedicate her next series of paintings to the eternal spirit of the ancient Greece and India.

The exhibition “Indus Streams & Delphi Hills” is her first attempt on this issue and through the abstract art that she manages so well it aims to highlight the timeless feelings emerging from these two ancient civilizations that once flourished with all their grandeur and today remain silent, speaking only through the hearts of the artists who can visualize and listen to them.

Rekha - newspaper

Mumbai, 26/05/2018, p. 33