The city of Kavala won the most promising new destination award OTM Mumbai 2016 in India



The city of Kavala won the most promising new destination award for 2016 in India’s biggest travel trade show “OTM” held from 18 to 20 February in Mumbai. The prize was awarded to the President of the municipal enterprise of Kavala “DIMOPHILIA” Mrs. Anastasia Iosifidou in a special ceremony held in the auditorium of the Mumbai Exhibition Centre.

The participation of the municipal enterprise of Kavala in India’s international tourism exhibition was held within the context of its wider objective to enlarge the tourist season with the help of the emerging tourist markets. Kavala’s pavillion was visited by more than 15,000 trade representatives who wanted to learn about the scenery and the archaeological monuments of the beautiful Macedonian city and many were those who were interested to organize a tour to the motherland of Alexander the Great (सिकंदर महान के देश की यात्रा). An additional interest was expressed by organizers of religious tourism as Kavala was the first European city visited by St. Paul and is adjacent to Philippi and Mount Athos.

The prefecture of Kavala with the beautiful island of Thassos is a magical tourist destination but it also attracts many tourists who want to experience the Balkans since it is located on the crossroad between Sofia, Istanbul and Thessaloniki.

Soul of Kavala’s participation and presentation was Mrs. Anastasia Iosifidou, while she was assisted by the Bollywood actress Kalliroi Tziafeta. The presence of the famous Greek actress  in Kavala’s pavilion attracted crowds of Indian visitors. The aim of this cooperation was to show the natural beauties of the city to Indian producers who in recent years increasingly choose Greece for the production of their films, making in this way known the beauties of Greece to the millions lovers of Indian cinema worldwide, and contribute thereby to the increase of the Indian tourism in Greece.

The blue city of Kavala with the emerald island of Thassos have all the requirements to attract a Bollywood production and have already started to win the hearts of the Indian artists by involving Indian dance groups in the international festival “Cosmopolis” that it is held every year in the month of July in Kavala.