Kostas Kyriazis’ Award for the Indian Jurnalist Barkha Dutt

photo-news-vravefsidutt1 enThe Award ceremony for the Indian reporter Barkha Dutt by the international Center Kostas Kyriazis took place on Wednesday 31 May at 8:30 pm at the hotel Caravel in Athens.


This year Mrs. Barkha Dutt, managing editor of New Delhi TV and Mrs. Li Shengxian, editor of the major cultural magazine of China, China and the World Cultural Exchange, were awarded.


The Center Kostas Kyriazis was founded in 1993 in honour of Kostas Kyriazis, the co-owner of the Greek newspaper “Ethnos”, reporter, agonist of democracy against the German occupation and the dictatorship, author and president for an 8 year period at the Greek Tourist Organisation (EOT).


Besides the honours placed upon Mrs. Dutt and Mrs. Shengxian, financial awards and honours were also given to:


1.       Reporter and editor in chief of the economical pages of the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” Mr. Serafeim Konstantinidis for his offering of objective economical reports.

2.       Political editor of the Greek newspaper “Neon” and of the Greek Radio-Television channel ERT, Mr. Loukas Dimakas for the broad and objective coverage of political and defensive reporting.

3.       Mrs. Gianna Despotopoulou for her 20-years service to the Special Olympics.


Honours were given also to Mr. Aristotelis Divanis for his long lasting service to the promotion of Greek Tourism, and to the photo-news-vravefsidutt2 enadministrative counsellor of the foundation of the Hellenic World, Mr. Dimitris Efraimoglou for his contribution to the promotion of the Hellenic Culture through pioneering technological implementation.


The president of the Greek socialist party PASOK and of Socialist parties worldwide, Mr. G. Papandreou and the Minister of State and spokesman for the government, Mr. Th. Rousopoulos, both handed over the awards to Mrs. Dutt and Mrs. Shengxian, in the presence of the ambassadors of India, Dr. Baskar Balakrishnan, and China, Mrs. Tian Xuejun, the president of ELINEPA Dr. Dimitris Vassiliades, leaders of delegations, politicians, general secretaries, entrepreneurs, professors of universities, many reporters etc.