Miltiadis Spyrou’s book “Dimitrios Galanos – His Life and his unknown work in India” has been released by ELINEPA Publications

ISBN:  978-618-82624-6-1
First edition 2023
Size A5, 305 pages
Price: €18 + postage ((free shipping with ELTA within Greece until September 30, 2023).
€15 for students and ELINEPA members

The Demetrios Galanos: His life and unknown work in India by Dr. Miltiadis Spyrou is available from ELINEPA Publications.

Written in a clear and understandable way for the average reader, the book by Miltiadis Spyros brings to light unknown facts from the life of the forerunner of Greek Indology Dimitrios Galanos the Athenian (1760-1833) that overturn the image we have had of him until now, as a retired intellectual. Galanos, through his actions and the letters he publishes in Indian newspapers under the pseudonym “Philanthropos”, emerges as a humanitarian and a genuine child of the European Enlightenment, who supports the liberation of his homeland and the defense of human rights in the country that he lives. A pioneering study of highest interest addressed to scholars of history, sociology, anthropology and Indology.

Presentation of the work of Indologist Miltiadis Spyrou by Dimitrios Vasiliadis at the Academy of Athens

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