Lectures & Seminars – All years


Eight Lectures in Indian Philosophy by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis

8 November 2014 – 30 May 2015: yogapraxis and Marousi Yoga Studio

Open Day Seminar on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

14 December: Romantso, Athens

Lecture: “Shiva and Dionysus” by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis

18 October: Yogapraxis, Palaio Faliro

International Conference on Aspects of Islamic Gardens: Multi-meanings of Paradise

10-12 October: Kavala, Greece

International Buddhist Conclave

26-28 September: Bodh-Gaya, Rajgir, Nalada, Sarnath.

Seminar: Introduction to the Philosophy of the Indian Kitchen – Inspired by the Movie “The Lunchbox” by Mary Devoli

8 September: Pink Elephant Restaurant, Chalandri

26th International Conference of Philosophy (Call for Papers)

Greek Philosophy and Moral & Political Issues of our Global Era

12 – 17 July: Vouliagmeni, Attica, GREECE

International Symposium “The Open Mind of Lafcadios Hearn – His Spirit from the West to the East”  

4-6 July: Lefcada, Greece

International Conference on Realizing Global Peace

(with special session on Greek and Indian Philosophies)

24, 25 & 26 June: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London

Organisers: Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture & Development, All India Philosophy Association, and BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute

Lecture: “Words of Peace” by Prem Rawat

11 June: Badminton theater, Athens

Four Lectures in Indian Philosophy by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis

10, 11 May & 22, 23 March: Athens Yoga Studio

Lecture: “Hesiod’s Five Ages of Man and the Four Vedic Yugas” by Mr. Nikolas Kazanas

Saturday, 5 April, time 18:00-20:00: Shakti Yoga Studio, Athens

Lecture: “Platonic Dialogues & Upanishads” by Mr. Nikolas Kazanas

Saturday, 29 March, time 19:30: Conference Centre, Municipality of Nea Ionia 

Film Screening “Adi Shankaracharya”

Saturday, 15 March, time 18:00-20:00: Shakti Yoga Studio, Athens

Lecture-Presentation: “The Successors of Alexander the Great in Central Asia and India” by Prof. Osmund Bopearachchi 

Monday, 10 March, time 17:00, People’s University, Athens

Tuesday, March 11, time 18.30, Numismatic Museum, Athens

Lecture: “The Core Values ​​of Sankhya, Vedanta and Tantra” by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Sunday, 2 March, time 11.00-14.00: Maroussi Yoga Studio, Marousi

International Conference on Greek Studies: An Asian Perspective

25 – 28 February: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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Lecture: “The Dream as a Morpheme of Timeless Reality” by Mrs. Elisavet Kouki

Saturday, 15 February, time 18:00-20:00: Shakti Yoga Studio, Athens

Book Presentation “Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore” by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Saturday, 1 February at 19.30 hrs: Center for Intercultural Studies, Athens

Lecture: “Music, Sound, Vibration: Consciousness as Diagnosis and Treatment” by Dr. Pavlos Kavouras

Saturday, 18 January, time 18:00-20:00: Shakti Yoga Studio, Athens

Lecture: “The Vedic View of Life” by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Sunday, 12 January, time 11.00-13.00: Maroussi Yoga Studio, Marousi

Lecture: “Affinities between Ancient Greek and Vedic Cultures” by Mr. Nikolas Kazanas

Saturday, 4 January, time 19:00-21:00: Conference Centre, Municipality of Nea Ionia 

Lectures & Seminars – All years