Meeting of the Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Christos Dimas with the Ambassador of India Mr. Rundrendra Tandon – Strong interest in film co-productions

Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Christos Dimas met on Monday, February 5, 2024, with the Ambassador of India Mr. Rundrendra Tandon and they discussed issues of further cooperation in cultural matters.

In particular, the prospects opened by the Agreement for the “Cultural and Educational Exchanges between Greece and India for the years 2022-2026”, which was recently ratified at the Plenary Session of the Parliament. Besides, deepening of cooperation in film productions and performing arts was discussed.

The Deputy Minister of Culture expressed interest in the creation of specific programs, such as exhibitions, performances and academic exchanges. “Greece-India relations have been significantly upgraded in recent years and we are ready to expand this range of cooperation in the field of Culture as well. We want to build bridges of communication and cooperation with India, especially on issues related to contemporary art forms, cinema, book and audio-visual productions more broadly and study together good practices in the integration of digital technology in contemporary creation,” Mr. Dimas said among others.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Eleni Rapti, Director General of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, and H.E. the Knight Commander and Advisor of ELINEPA Mr. Georgios Olympios, who conveyed the strong interest of the Indian billionaire Prakash Hinduja in the creation of a Greek-Indian film co-production on the Alexander the Great and King Porus.