Meeting with the Ambassador of Australia for the work of Miltiadis Spyrou

The president of ELINEPA Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis met today with the Ambassador of Australia Mr. Arthur Spyrou and saw the research archives of his father, Indologist Dr. Miltiadis Spyrou.

A life’s work that includes many important facts and documents about the Greek community of Bengal, unknown aspects of the life and work of Dimitrios Galanos, and his doctoral thesis on eudaimonism in ancient Greek and Indian philosophy, which he submitted at the Benares Hindu University.

The work of Miltiadis Spyrou is of great historical, philosophical and national importance and the two men agreed to collaborate in publishing a number of books, articles and photographic archives both online and in print for the benefit of scholars of Greco-Indian history and culture.

They also discussed aspects of the history of Australia and India and the common values that link Greece with these countries.