Memory as History: The legacy of Alexander in ASIA

Τhe Jawaharlal Nehru University and the University of Sydney organized a conference on the theme: “Memory as History: The legacy of Alexander in Asia” from the 27th  February up to the 1st March 2006 at the India International Centre in New Delhi. The conference was co-sponsored by the India International Centre and the Embassy of Greece in New Delhi.

Distinguished scholars from India, Australia, Jordan, France and Greece presented the following  papers:


Session I: Chairperson: Professor Kapila Vatsyayan, Director, IIC Asia Project.

 . “Greeks in the History ofIndia” by Dr, Himanshu Prllbha Ray, JNU.

. “Differing modes of contact between India and the West: Some Achaemenid and Seleucid examples” by Professor Dan Ports, University of Sydney.

. “Alexander’s Historians and the Alexander Romance: 11 comparative study of the representation oflndia and Indians” by Dr. loannis Xydopoulos, Aristotles’ University of Thessaloniki.        


Session II: Chairperson: Dr. O. P. KeJariwal.

. “Hellenism in an Afghan context” by Dr. Grant Parker, Duke University.

. “Alexander and the British Empire” by Dr. Phiroze Vasunia, University of Reading.

. “French Archaeologists and the Study of the Greeks in Central Asia and India” by Dr. Jean-Malie Lafont, Department of Romance Languages &. French Studies, University of Delhi.

. “Travelling to India without Alexander’s Logbooks” by Dr. Jean-Frans Salles,IFPO, Jordan.

Session III: Chairperson: Professor K.M. Shrimali, Delhi University

. “Alexander and the Virtuous Indians” by Dr. Andy Fear, University of Manchester.

. “Alexander the Great and the Myth ofIndia” by Dr. Alastair Blanshard, University of Sydney.

. “Excavations at Adam in Central India: material culture and the legacy of the Greeks” by Dr. Amarendra Nath, Director, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi.


Session IV: Chairperson: Dr. R. C. Agarwal, Additional DG, Archaeological Survey of India.

. “The absence oflegacy of Alexander in Sind? or Sehwan Sharif” by Dr. Monique Kervran, CNRS, Paris.

. “Continuity and Change in Terracotta Art in the Gandhara region” by Dr. Arundhoti Banerji, Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi.

. Prof. Marie-Franse Boussac, University of Lille, France.

Session V: Manuscripts In Asia and the Memory of the Greeks. Chairperson: Dr. Barbara Schmitz.

 “Recent discoveries of Buddhist manuscripts from Afghanistan and the heritage of the Greeks in the north-west” by Dr. Mark Allon, University of Sydney.


The conference ended with a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Greece in India.