Music, Sound, Vibration: Consciousness as Diagnosis and Treatment

Within the framework of the series of open lectures on Indian Philosophy and Culture, the INDO – HELLENIC SOCIETY FOR CULTURE & DEVELOPMENT and the SHAKTI YOGA STUDIO organize an open lecture-discussion on the theme “Music, Sound, Vibration: Consciousness as Diagnosis and Treatment”.

The presentation will be made by Dr. Pavlos Kavouras, Professor of Musicology, National and Kapodestrian University of Athens on Saturday, January 18, 2014 from 18.00 till 20.00 at Shakti Yoga Studio.

How does consciousness relate to existence and bliss, the joy of self-realization? The idea and the reality of vibrations; a vehicle of expression and communication connecting spirit with matter, which are two distinct yet interrelated facets of the human condition. What do the secular and esoteric traditions of the peoples of the world teach us? What do the various artistic and practical activities of humanity have in common when they are informed by and express themselves through vibrations? Music and perfumery, theater and diet, dance and sexuality. Sounds perceived as vibrations and as music. How do sonic vibrations and music in particular affect the diagnosis and therapy of mental problems, by integrating the relationship between body and spirit in a new harmonious whole whereby the multiplicity of manifestations is transubstantiated into a conscious existential unity.

Admission – Free

Due to the limited number of seats, you are requested to make a reservation by e-mail : or leave a message on: 210-75.69.376.

Shakti Yoga Studio

17-19, L. Fotiadou Str. 116 36 Mets, Athens