New painting on the column of Indology by Koula Riga

We thank and congratulate the sophomore student of Hindi and visual artist Kula Riga for her very nice painting  which adorned our webpage

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*Koula Riga originates from Skiathos island and lives in Athens. She was born in 1987, by Greek father and Indian mother. She studied sound engineer, music and painting. She likes the arts and deals with music, photography, and painting. She has been involved with the tourism and the tourist business of her family. Her love for children and Indian culture made her turn to translate Indian tales. At the same time, she is studying Hindi at the School of Foreign Languages, University of Athens to gain a better understanding of Indian culture and improve the accuracy of her translations.

Koula Riga’s articles on INDIKA:

How a bird came to grief, ΙΝDΙΚΑ 2019

The Price of Indiscretion (stories from Panchatantra), ΙΝDΙΚΑ 2019