Odysseia – The First Greek Restaurant in New Delhi

(Τhe article is only for the archive as the restaurant has stopped working)

ODYSSEIA, the first Greek restaurant in New Delhi, is the brainchild of the Greek culinary journalist Margarita Pappa. The menu is a result of her understanding of the palate and diverse tastes of Indian food lovers and 

a careful selection of modern and ancient Greek food. At ODYSSEIA there is a great emphasis on the freshness and purity of the raw materials. Cleanliness and hygiene coupled with personalised service are the underlying features of the restaurant.

After having lived in Delhi and travelled around India for over five years, Mrs Margarita Pappa acquired an insight into the tradition, culture and history of the diverse Indian culinary habits. She was amazed to find a lot of
common features in the tastes and flavours of Greek and Indian food.  Her experience and creative spirit promise to introduce Greek cuisine to thecosmopolitan community of New Delhi.  The ODYSSEIA aspires to become the first distribution centre of Greek produce in India, such as olive oil, cheese, dried fruit, wine and savoury goods. 

odyssey2In the long history of emigrant Hellenism the foundation of restaurants, taverns and cafes in various cities of the world marks a new beginning – a beginning that does not deal only with food and drink but also with the culture of the Greek spirit abroad. Philosophical ideas of Plato and his contemporaries were conceived during symposia, while during the Ottoman Empire the Greek restaurants in Europe served as important centres for meetings and the preparation of the revolution. In modern times, the Greek restaurants in Germany, USA, Australia and other large Greek immigrant centres constitute places of meeting between Greeks and friends of Greece, where they exchange ideas, reflect, plan and begin of professional collaborations. 

In this spirit, Mrs Margarita Pappa, who is also founding member of the Delphic Association in New Delhi, has begun the establishment of a small library in the ODYSSEIA, in order to provide information to her customers about Greece and its culture. At the same time she is organising a Greek festival for the coming autumn. The ELINEPA wishes success in the ODYSSEIA’s culinary and cultural objectives. 

All those who are passing through New Delhi and wish to enjoy the full magnitude of the authentic Greek food that ODYSSEIA is promising, they can find the spotless and hospitable Greek corner at:


NEW DELHI-110014

TEL.: +91-11-23416842/3