Photo Contest “Varanasi, Rishikesh, Himalaya – 2018″

The Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture & Development (ELINEPA) organized an online photo contest to reward  12 best photos of the cultural tour to Varanasi, Rishikesh & Himalaya that took place in August 2018.


Best Photo: Angelos Tsapalis

Best Photographer: Giorgos Charitakis

See the awarded 12 photos which received the most likes:

1st award Angelos Tsapalis
2nd award – Giorgos Charitakis
3nd award – Giorgos Charitakis
4th award -Anna Stamataki
4th award – Giorgos Charitakis
4th award – Giorgos Charitakis
5th award -Akira Vassiliadis
5th award – Giorgos Michalis
5th award -Antonis Tsapalis
5th award -Angelos Tsapalis
6th award – Giorgos Michalis
7th award – Antonis Tsapalis

The vote was made through the ELINEPA’s page in the instagram “elinepa_ngo“. 

Please visit ELINEPA’s page in the instagram to see all the participating photos.

Antonis Tsapalis (10 Photographs)

Georgioa Michalis (10 Photographs)

Olga Stylianaki (10 Photographs)

Anastasia Chitzanidou (10 Photographs)

Lydia  Schoretsaniti (10 Photographs)

Konstantinos Amentas (10 Photographs)

Anna Stamataki (10 Photographs)

Giorgos Charitakis (10 Photographs)

Nikolitsa Angelopoulou (10 Photographs)

Akira Vassiliadis (10 Photographs)

Dimitrios Vassiliadis (10 Photographs)

Angelos Tsapalis (10 Photographs)

Kally Gkentzou (10 Photographs)



The members of ELINEPA, who participated in the trip, can publish up to 10 photos each and compete in the photo contest, thus sharing their most vivid impressions.

The online voting is through the ELINEPA page in the instagram. There will be Free rating by the public, providing online likes to pictures.  12 photos that will collect the most likes until 14 November 2018 will be published on ELINEPA website and in the commemorative calendar “ELINEPA – 2019”.

In the event of a tie, the photos will be ranked in the order of the photographer who will have the highest score in his next photo.