Presentation of Ioanna Tampaksi’s book “Nous Thalassinos”

The presentation of the poetry collection “Nous Thalassinos ” by Ioanna Tampaksi, was organized on Saturday 18 May at 19.00 at YOGArt (Duridos 5 & Pratinou, Pagrati) with great success and attended by many people, members and friends of ELINEPA and YOGArt studio.

The President of ELINEPA, Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis made a philosophical analysis of Ioanna’s “sutras” (philosophical verses), and the philologist Marilena Tsikini spoke about the editing of the book and read selected poems from the book.

At the end of the presentation, the audience enjoyed hot tea and vegetarian dishes.

Read more about the book and the author HERE

Cover photo: Ioanna Tampaxi (center) with Dimitrios Vassiliadis and Marilena Tsikini at the presentation of the book “Nous Thalassinos”