Ramayana by the Roda Theater

returns with

the timeless Indian epic

Stage direction: Maria Peretzi
Melina Mercouri Open Air Theatre (Theatro Vrachon – Vyronas), Athens
July 8, 2022, 21:00 hrs

30 actors/actresses, original live music, amazing vocals, and impressive dances and costumes

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RODA Theater was established in 1991 by Maria Peretzi. As in all of its performances, it creates a bridge between the myth and the present situation of the world. In “Ramayana” the balance has been disrupted. Therefore, the focus is on the constant battle between Good and Evil. The lyricism of the great Indian epic dresses the stories of the heroes and shows the way to the sanctuary. The ordeals Rama and Sita have to go through become an allegory of humanity’s suffering.

Like “Odyssey”, “Ramayana” narrates the adventures of the mythical warrior prince, Rama, who wanders in the forests of India until he regains his lost kingdom. Like “Iliad” it tells a story about the battles and struggles to rescue his beloved wife, Sita, his own soul, through the intense element of adventure and fighting of demons to avoid the kilings of innocent people.

The epic has greatly influenced art, culture and education in the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia. In terms of history, it concerns the traditions of two powerful tribes: the residents of Ayondhya and those of Mithila in North India, governed by the families of Rama and Sita, respectively. Rama leads an allied army of North and Middle India  against Rakshasa -the residents of contemporary Ceylon.

“Ramayana” contains the teaching of the very ancient Hindu sages. Its esoteric aspect concerns the constant fight of the human being against his/her lower nature, and the demonic temptations that disturb his/her relationship with the forces of the Sacred. Rama beats the temptations. His triumph peaks with his victory over Ravana, the demon of the flesh. He regains Sita, his soul, and reclaims the right to reign over Ayondhya.

Since 1991, RODA has been incessantly creating the Sacred Theater tradition inspired by the practical teaching of the Greek philosopher G. Georgiadis (widely known as Gurdjieff). Seeking to re-establish the connection with man’s Deeper Self, its theatrical activity aims at broadening the perception to experience the totality of human nature.

RODA’s performances have attracted the attention of Greek and international mass media such as the CNN. Furthermore, Dimitris Gasparatos was awarded the “2014 Karolos Koun Prize” for his dynamic performance as Gilgamesh.   

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Text adaptation: Dimitris Peretzis, Maria Peretzi

Music supervision / Orchestration: Maria Peretzi / Takis Paterelis (piano, flute, vocals) / Pia Pierrakou (piano, vocals) / George Dounis (percussion) / Maria Thoidou (vocals) / Patty Papageorgiou (vocals) / Iris Baglanea (vocals) / Costas Christantonis (vocals) / Stavros Kappas (vocals)

Acting / Choral:

Rama: Thomas Gotsis, Sita: Iris Baglanea, Laxmana: Christos Velaoras, Vishvamitra / Vibesana: Stamatis Logos, Dasharatha: Stavros Kappas, Kaikegi: Anna Kypraiou, Ravana: Nikos Tsioumplektsis, Surpanaka / Mandara: Ioulia Ventikou, Barata / Sugriva: Giannis Aggelis, Hanuman: Giorgos Kostogiannis.

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Contact: Eva Avlidou / tel. 6937422456