Ram Kumar Mishra in the Sacred Drums of the World

The EL.IN.E.P.A. invited from India the world famous Tambla player, Ram Kumar Mishra to perform in the musical event “Sacred Drums of the World” that was organized together with musicians from Africa and Cuba under the full moon of June in  Dora Stratou Theater in Athens. Hundreds of Athenian friends of the percussion instruments gathered in the Theater and enjoyed an unforgettable evening with sounds of Tambla produced with a great ability by the leading musician.

On the occasion of Ram Kumar’s visit to Greece, the EL.IN.E.P.A. organized a private Tambla workshop for his students in Athens and Parga. Below is an article by Spyros Michalopoulos describimg this unique event in the newspaper Espresso.


ESPRESSO 23.5.201b