Sailing to Nagapathinam

by Dennis Dinopoulos


Under a full moon the sea silent as a snake, skin-

like; scales of pale light a smooth polished 

veneer ­­– ceiling to other forms of life. The bow 

of our ship cutting through it like a blade, a curling, 

murmuring roar; foam plays the role of a sorceress, 

white lips blowing up white wet kisses. Further and 

deeper into night we slice, feeling protected in one 

huge embrace; here time knows no enemies. And 

what we thought inaccessible is suddenly before us, 

this absolute certitude that both pattern and design are 

preconditions for whichever treasure we are likely 

to find along the way.


We are sailing to Nagapathinam on the s.s Rajula,  

I, with a port hole on top deck, on the lower 

decks eighteen hundred deck passengers, and 

high above us the moon like a pale adornment 

in Brahman’s hands.

Poems by Dennis Dinopoulos published in Indika: