A Poem by Dennis Dinopoulos

It is peaceful here, there is

a presence, in the soft atmosphere,
‘invisibles’ seem to nibble at
light, they churn in harmony
facilitating surrender of
‘indispensables’; the body here
knows its own requirements,
is a well-wisher of particulars,
a harbinger of inequalities, is
attached by reason of necessity,
demands no surplus exigencies,
nor rights of passage. Genesis
may be acclaimed here of
the wheel of life. Envisioned
in its final form when Ashoka
reigned.  Here in Sarnath, I am
compelled to a potency
of forgiveness, I feel no
weight in darkness; the
landscape a diaphanous
exterior counseling an
obedience to natural laws.
The monk chanting.
His voice is one endless
flow into some reckoning of
an existence dwelling in an
indivisible, central point, where
no voice may claim authority.
Leaving behind every gifted faculty.
Prostrating at the feet of the Buddha.
Access to  four noble truths,
guidance to eight noble paths.
The trees in bloom know all about it.
It’s like a well-kept secret, to be
shared equally among enlightened souls.

Poems by Dennis Dinopoulos published in Indika: