Baul music and songs with Satyananda Das & Hori Dasi in Athens

The Underflow – Record Store & Art Gallery (39 Kallirois str. Athens) presents at its premises a live baul music performance with Satyananda Das & Hori Dasi on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 9 pm.

Ticket: 10 euro

Satyananda Das is a Baul singer, musician, dancer and composer from West Bengal, India. He is known for his rich repertoire of old baul songs and tradition-based improvisation. He captivates the world audiences by his wide range voice, resonance tune and dynamic-delicate dance.

He sings the Baul poems of many great predecessors and some poems of his own, in variety of unique melodies based on rich music tradition of Bengal. He has put melodies to many Bhaba Pagla’s lyrics also. Those songs have been loved and sung by many other singers as well.

His expression along with his devotion to the spiritual-mystical baul philosophy has caused ripples in the world of imaginative music. His soulful voice and blissful tunes have been reputed as “The singing voice of soul”, lead the listeners to a state of meditation and bring inner happiness with deep healing.

He plays baul instruments -Ektara, Duggie and Ghungur mainly with his singing and dancing. He plays Anandalahari, Khonjori, Dotara, Shri khol, and Korotal also.

See below a musical performance with Satyananda Das Baul