Seleucid Coins Online – a research tool for Graeco-Bactrian numismatics

Seleucid Coins Online (SCO), launched by the American Numismatic Society

The most up-to-date catalogue available to students of Graeco-Bactrian Coins and Indo-Greek history.

The current version of SCO (v.2), launched in November, 2018, completes the type corpus incorporating material related to Seleucid Coins, Part I, covering the reigns from Seleucus I to Antiochus III (c. 320–187 BC), and the material in Part II covering the reigns from Seleucus IV to Antiochus XIII (187–64 BC) as well as the posthumous Roman imitations (63–14/13 BC).

Seleucid Coins Online is a new research tool that provides wide access to the coins listed in the print volumes of Seleucid Coins.*  While the Seleucid coins in the American Numismatic Society (ANS) collection (some 5,129 pieces) serve as the core of the searchable catalogue, all types in the original publications will be included in the database, ultimately with links to coins (many of which are unique) in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the British Museum, the Munzkabinett der Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, and other public and private collections.

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* Seleucid Coins: A Comprehensive Catalogue by Arthur Houghton, Catharine Lorber, and Oliver Hoover, published in two parts in 2002 and 2008 by the American Numismatic Society and Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.