RABINDRANATH TAGORE – 90 years since his visit to Greece

“Both young Greeks and Indians always have to struggle to live on the level of our glorious past. Yet it is not enough to ponder on the past only, we have to live in the modern reality. We have to create the works which will make us immortal like our ancestors. Both peoples suffer from the same political problems but they will get solved as the time goes by. Each of us has to contribute to the culture of our countries – Greece and India, and give a constant value to it”.

Extract from Rabindranath Tagore’s speech in Athens

On the occasion of 90 years since the visit of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore to Greece (26 November 1926 – 26 November 2016), the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (EL.IN.E.P.A.) is arranging a series of cultural events in various Educational Institutions, Municipalities and Cultural Centers in Greece.

Besides, EL.IN.E.P.A. has published a commemorative volume on the visit of Tagore to Greece. This book is an enlarged edition of the special edition published by ELINEPA in 2012 dedicated to the celebration of 150 years since the birth of the Nobelist and National Poet of India and Bangladesh.

The book comprises a selection of articles written by specialized on the theme researchers, Tagore’s interviews and speeches in Greece, his correspondence with the Greek poets Kostis Palamas and Angelos Sikelianos, photos and a DVD with a documentary “The Story of Gitanjali” made by Malay Bhattacharya.

ISBN: 978-960-87774-9-1
First edition: 2016
Pages: 154. Size: A5
Price: € 15 + postage
20% discount for the members of EL.IN.E.P.A.

Η.Ε. the Ambassador of India to Greece Mrs. Murugesan Manimekalai presents the commemorative volume on 90 years since Tagore’s historic visit to Greece in a special event organized by ELINEPA in cooperation with the Municipality of Halandri and the Embassy of India on May 7, 2016, at Aetopouleio cultural center of Halandri Municipality.


Prologue, Jawaharlal Nehru

Preface, Tsewang Topden

Introduction, Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Tagore and his Work, Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Tagore’s Historical visit to Greece,  Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Tagore’s Correspondence  with Kostis Palamas, Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Rabindranath Tagore and Angelos Sikelianos: Two Thinkers – One Vision, Andreas L. Katonis

Delphic Celebrations: Tagore’s Impact on Angelos Sikelianos, Efthalia Papadaki

Tagore’s Contribution to the Development of the Visual Arts in India, Dina Anastasiadou

Theatricality and representation in Tagore’s poetry, Elisavet Ioannidou

Rabindranath Tagore and Bengali Literature, Muhammad Azizul Haque

Tagore’s discussions with Albert Einstein:

I. On the Nature of Reality

II. On Modern Physics & Music

Gandhi and Tagore, Amartya Sen

Tagore, Gitanjali and the Nobel Prize, Nilanjan Banerjee

The Poet’s School, Supriyo Tagore

Tagore: The Seer and Interpreter, Ernest Rhys

Man at the Centre of Universe – Tagore’s Ideas on Complete Education, Udaya Narayana Singh

Winged Surprises: Lyrics and Melodies of Tagore, Ladly Mukhopadhyay

Blessed am I that I am born to this land: A Biographical Sketch of Tagore, Purba Banerjee

Tagore’s poems

Table of Photos

Greek Bibliography

Τo Sophia Fertaki and Haris Lyroni who loved Tagore

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