Celebrating the 150 Years from the Birth of Rabindranath Tagore

Celebrating the 150 years from the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, the EL.IN.E.P.A. organized in co-operation with the Indian Embassy in Athens two events dedicated to the National Poet of India and Bangladesh.

The first event took place on the 5th February at the Cultural Center “Floisvos” of Municipality of Palaio Faliro. In the beginning of the event the Ambassador of India Mr. Tsewang Topden released the  commemorate volume on Tagore’s 150th Birth Anniversary that was published by EL.IN.E.P.A. After Ambassador’s introductory speech on life and work of Tagore, the President of EL.IN.E.P.A. spoke about Tagore’s philosophy and Prof. Andreas Katonis on the common vision shared by the poets, Tagore and Sikelianos. Ms Panagiota Koronia, a student of Hindi, presented Tagore’s poems. After the speeches, the documentary “The Story of Gitanjali” was screened and the program ended with Kostas Kalaitzis who presented songs of Tagore. In the event participated numerous artists from the Artistic Association Technosphera who had exhibited their works in the hall of Floisvos and made a suitable atmosphere for the whole celebration.

The second celebration took place a few days later on the 22nd March at the Hall of the Youth Center of the Municipality of Chalandri where a photo exhibition was presented by the Embassy of Bangladesh. In the celebration spoke the Ambassador of India, the Ambassador of Bangladesh and the Mayor of Chalandri Mr. Giorgos Kourasis. The event continued until late with Kostas Kalaitzis’ songs and Nektarios Mitritsakis’ ragas in Sitar. 

The documentary “The Story of Gitanjali” on the Life and work of Tagore (30′ English with Greek subtitles prepared by the students of EL.IN.E.P.A.) was screened sometime later by the Kontra TV channel.

Photo: The President of EL.IN.E.P.A. Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis presents the Commemorative Volume on Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary to the Ambassador of India Mr. Tsewang Topden, the Ambassador of Bangladesh Mr. Muhammad Azizul Haque and the Mayor of Chalandri Mr. Giorgos Kourasis.