Travel to Afghanistan – daily reports

After many years of conflict and turmoil, the situation in Afghanistan has improved and the first group of Greek travellers is leaving on Thursday, September 15, 2022 for the long-suffering country of the Indian sub-continent which in its long history has been the subject of conquests by the Persians, the Alexander the Great and his successors, the Mauryan Empire, the Muslim Arabs and the Mongols, as well as by the British, Soviets and Americans.

The trip will last three weeks and the Greek researchers will try to send daily, if the technical conditions allow, short reports and photos which will be hosted by the Athenian Newspaper Efimerida ton Sintakton in the collumn “Reports from Afghanistan” which has been created especially for this purpose.

In the same link will be hosted important texts related to this travel and covering a wide range of topics on Indo-Greek kingdoms and Greco-Buddhist art and above all on modern Afghanistan and current developments.

ELINEPA and the Center for Indian and Indo-Hellenic Studies wish the Greek team a safe and rich in experiences and knowledge journey.

See the detailed program of the trip