The Archive “Hellenistic World and Culture of the East” by Dr. Potitsa Gregoratou in the library of the War Museum of Athens

The Library of the War Museum of Athens has been enriched with a unique archive on the Hellenistic World and Culture of the East which is a donation of Dr. Potitsa Grigorakou.

The archive includes 400 books, a computer with 16000 entries, videos, large Albums with images, lecture texts, and ppts by foreign professors and archaeologists who did the excavations in Asia and the few Greek experts on the subject, such as for India (Books by Dr. D. Vassiliadis).

The collection is a one-of-a-kind multilingual Archive in Greece for Eastern Hellenism, the Greeks in the Near and Middle East, North Asia and India.

It is worth visiting for students and researchers, (War Museum Library, Daily, hours 10-14.30), to learn about this important page of Greek culture that spread to the East, and was adopted by peoples of Asia, the arts and the legends that still exist today.

Watch the Video of the donation event HERE

Dr. Potitsa Grigorakou dedicated almost 40 years of her life to the Hellenistic culture of the East. With University studies in Paris, and later specialized studies in the East, on-site, in the various excavations and collaboration with Archaeologists. She thus acquired rich knowledge that she transferred to Greece with her lectures. She also collected a very important Archive, which she donated to the War Museum library in Athens.

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