Program of the Greek participation in the 17th International Hindi Conference

17th International Hindi Conference in Athens

Hotel Titania (52, Panepistimiou avenue, Socrates Hall, 10th floor), Athens

Cultural Program: June 7th, 9am until 9 pm

Exhibitions of painting, photography, and books, theater, dance, poetry, singing.

Saraswati Puja

Mary Devoli (Sw. Jnyanmundra)

Theatrical performance

The widow’s purse

Participate the students of Hindi:

Christina Arora – Birbal

Angelos Arora – Sadhu

Kula Riga – Widow

Eleanna Delis – Messenger

Mari Siampani – Narration

Katerina Argyrakopoulou – Poet

Hindi Songs

Kostantinos Kalaitzis

Saraswati Kirtan

Thodoris Chiotis – Antaratma (voice) and Stavros Dadus (tampla)

An introduction to the Greek Language in Hindi

Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Stories from Panchatantra

Koula Riga

Love Poems

Efrosini Vizovitou translated into Hindi by Anil Mishra. Reading Stella Aliberti

Book Sculpture

Eleftheria Gerari

I’d like to be a Lighthouse

Painting exhibitions

Afroditi Karamanli

Thessaloniki: Dias sinks in the waters of the Gulf Thermaikos – Augotempera

Ntina Anastasiadou

 ​Galina Papoulidou 

Love me too. Oil painting on canvas

Children’s participation

Vaishnavi Pandey and Sarangi Budhija Sunder (painting, dance, poetry)

Register timely your participation to be included in the program by sending a short CV and the subject of your presentation at