The Ministry of Supreme Happiness, from the Deaf Theatrical Group “Crazy Colors” in Thessaloniki

The Deaf Theater Group “Crazy Colors” presents the play “The Ministry of Supreme Happiness” by activist and award-winning writer Arundhati Roy for two performances at the National Theatre of Northern Greece (Macedonian Studies Society Theatre) on September 17 & 18, 2022.

The play takes place with the participation of deaf and speaking actors using physical theater, Greek Sign Language and vocal interpretation, thus highlighting the beauty of the diverse and complex Indian culture, which continues to be an amalgam of peoples, religions and languages.

The stage action is performed by combining different types of theater, such as physical theater, pantomime, while the symbolic gestures (mudras) of Asian traditions are used in combination with the Indian classical dance Bharat Natyam. The show is a work of art, which is addressed to both deaf and hearing spectators, while it is accompanied by Greek Subtitles (TKB) for the deaf people.

The Deaf Theatrical Group was created in 2009 and is a partnership of deaf and talking actors. Through a systematic engagement with theatrical action, it has brought forth new codes in acting expression, utilizing with a renewed look the sign language, along with the vocal interpretation, the principles of improvisation and the techniques of physical theater.